Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tobacco Display Ban Came Into Force in Scotland

In Scotland on Monday, March 29, came into effect a law which bannes display not only of cigarettes but all tobacco products in markets. This initiative is expected to prevent young people from starting to smoke. The ban moved into law in 2010 and will also refer to machines vending cigarettes which will be prohibited from Monday.

Northern Ireland, Wales and England have already adopted such laws and today cigarettes and other tobacco products are not displayed in large markets. Stores that refuse to obey would receive a penalty from officers responsable for trading standards or convicted of a criminal offence.

Michael Matheson, pubic health minister, says that this is a better way to prevent Scottish youth from starting smoking. It is a well known fact that smoking cigarettes causes a number of diseases. Statistics shows that annually in Scotland are registered 13,000 deaths and 56,000 hospital admissions from smoking.

Thus today is very important to take serious anti-smoking measures at government level in order to reduce number of smokers. Studies show that promotion of tobacco products make young people want to try smoking and they do it then becaming true smokers.

Today the ban would affect big shops with an area of more than 280 square metres, however, on April 6, 2015, the law will come into force for smaller retailers too.
Vicky Crichton, senior public affairs manager for Cancer Research UK, said that it is great victory to take tobacco products out of sight in the shops and this will help to grow a healthy young generation because according to statistics, most people start smoking before they turn 19.

The same law which prohibits public display of cigarettes in shops was proposed by Michael Bloomberg to be adopted in New York.

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