Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zimbabwe Has Increased Tobacco Exports

Since the beginning of 2013 Zimbabwe got 94 million US dollars from tobacco exports to different countries. There was sold 25 million kg of tobacco at an average price of 3,74 US dollars per kg.

This is double 59 million dollars obtained from 16 million kg which was exported during the same period of time in 2012  at an average price of 3,58 US dollars per kg.

Latest data provided by Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board reveal that South Africa paid 24,5 million dollars for 8,1 million kg of tobacco at 3,04 dollars  per kg

In 2012 during the same period of time got 1,7 million kg of tobacco to the value of 5,8 million dollars at 3,28 dollars per kg. The second highest importer is China that continues to buy it at very competitive prices. China has paid 16,6 million US dollars for 2 million kg at 8,76 dollars per kg.

During the same period of time in 2012 China paid 14,8 million dollars for 2,3 million kg at 6,35 dollars per kg. Third country that has high tobacco imports is The United Arab Emirates which bought tobacco worth 5,6 million dollars at 2,27 dollars per kg In 2012 the United Arab Emirates bought tobacco worth $1,6 million dollars.

Then comes Belgium with 2 million kg of tobacco worth 5,1 million dollars at a price of 2,56 dollars per kg. Last year they bought 1,6 million kg worth 2,3 million dollars at 1,43 dollars per kg.

Sudan greatly increased its imports of tobacco from Zimbabwe and since the beginning of 2013 it bought 1,5 million kg worth 5,36 million dollars at an average price of 3,46 dollars per kg

Agriculture experts say that consolidation in tobacco sales in Zimbabwe is connected to the high prices on the international tobacco markets. Thus Zimbabwe is able to return status of major tobacco producer in the world.

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