Friday, May 31, 2013

ICICI Lombard Smoking Habits 2013

 A survey called  "ICICI Lombard Smoking Habits 2013 " in Mumbai, India, has revealed that half of smokers in India consider that smoking within particuls limits is absolutely safe for their body. Half of smokers continue to smoke cigarettes even if they know about harmful effects of their smoking habit.

Big number of respondents (almost 77%) said that if they would smoke from time to time this would have no negative effects on their body. In the survey participated 914 regular smokers from Delhi, Mumbai. Bangalore,  Kolkata, aged 18-35, who smokes at least one cigarette a day.

The results of this survey were revealed today in connection with World No Tobacco Day.

Besides this, the survey reveals that 67% of respondents began to smoke at the ages 16 - 20.

87% of smokers said that they started to smoke under the influence of friends. Another important factor here is pressure at work and cigarettes help people to relax.  

In Mumbai 32% of respondents said they smoke 7-10 cigarettes a day and namely this city is on top in India. In Kolkata 29% of people smoke less — only 4-6 cigarettes a day.

43% of respondents from Bangalore smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day and Delhi has only 35% of smokers who smoked only one cigarette a day, the lowest numbers. 
When the talk is about quitting smoking, 22% of smokers from Mumbai and 32% in Kolkata said that their family support played a big role.

A big number of smokers from Bangalore (31%) and Delhi (29%)  said
The report also revealed that 5% of total cancers are tobacco-related. Among them 75% of people duseased with cancer are males.

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