Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Smokeless Products From Japan Tobacco Inc

Japan Tobacco Inc has declared about launch of two smokeless tobacco products called Zerostyle Snus Mint and Zerostyle Snus Regular. These products will be added to the existing line of smokeless products. First they will appear on the market of Osaka City in August 2013.

Today you may find tobacco in different varities such as cigars, cigarettes, snus, orbs, sticks, strips. Many people like to consume smokeless tobacco products (such as chewing tobacco and snuff) in addition to cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco products are perfect for using in public places where smoking cigarettes is prohibited. Last year these products became very popular among Japanese. However the growing popularity of smokeless tobacco does not lowers demands for tobacco cigarettes.

Snus is a smokeless tobacco product created in Sweden. How snus is used? Snus is placed in mouth, thus smoker enjoys flavor and aroma of tobacco without producing smoke. Last years its popularity has grown rapidly among smokers due to the unique property to use tobacco without smoke. Snus is Swedich national tobacco product which became popular in many countries of the world.

Zerostyle Snus is a successful line of smokeless products produced by Japan Tobacco Inc. After its introduction the product acquired popularity in a very short time. This kind of product does not require to be lightened and produces no smoke which usually annoys people around. Thus it makes possible to use this product everywhere without annoing someone.

Japan Tobacco Inc used its best knowledge of consumer needs and modern technologies in development of Zerostyle Snus. Japanese consumers higly appreciate these efforts. They like to put in mouth these powdered tobacco in sachets and enjoy aroma and flavor of tobacco.

Zerostyle Snus Regular is characterized with roasted flavor and mild sweetness. Zerostyle Snus Mint possesses a wonderful mint flavor. Both varieties are packed in stylish black boxes.

In the beginning Japan Tobacco Inc plans to sell these new products in 150 stores in Osaka City.. 

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